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IA the next Annual General Meeting for our society will be held after Isha (6:45pm) on SUNDAY 3rd FEBRUARY 2019. The meeting will commence promptly at 7:20pm.

Members wishing to put their name forward for the new committee can do so by requesting an application form from any member of the existing committee or by emailing The completed application form must be submitted in person. Nominations on behalf of a third party will not be accepted. All submissions must be received by Isha (7:45pm) on Friday 25th January 2019.

We would also request that any questions & agenda points are submitted in writing by Sunday 27th January 2019. This can be done in person to any member of the existing committee, through the Suggestions Box, or by emailing

May we take this opportunity to humbly request all members to attend and participate.


Welcome to the online home of Zakaria Masjid and the future home of Zakaria Education Centre.


Today, we are faced with many challenges; the society we live in is also changing, as are our requirements. Our current situation is that on many occasions the Jamat khana over spills into the corridor and beyond, classrooms and other spaces are no longer suitable or adequate and we are lacking many important services and amenities for our worshippers and community.


To develop a first class teaching facility and a place of worship which will be fit for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Planning By the grace of Allah, on 20th February 2014 plans for the development were approved by the local authority.
Phase 1
Building of Zakaria Education Centre
To build a 3 storey Education Centre on the site of the Masawat Centre. It is important to understand that our overall goal is to improve the quality of both the site and also general aesthetics of the location together with creating an excellent teaching facility.
Phase 2
Refurbishment of Zakaria Masjid
To carry out a major refurbishment and extension of the existing Zakaria Masjid building with a view to increasing the floor area of the prayer hall and enhanced ancillary facilities.
We respectfully appeal to you to DONATE generously and wholeheartedly towards this noble cause in your name, in the name of your loved ones and as Esale Thawab / Sadaqa Jaariyah for any of your beloved deceased. This is truly a blessed opportunity for all of us to join in a building programme which will build for each one of us a better AKHIRAH.

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