Ladies Islamic Classes

Ladies Islamic Classes

Ladies Islamic Classes

A number of Islamic classes are delivered for our mothers and sisters. From beginner tajweed classes to Quran tafseer to Hadith lessons. Alhamdulillah the take up has been excellent; class sizes vary from 6 to 25. Tajweed classes are delivered is Urdu, Guajarati and English.

The Education Centre is active with ladies classes running during the week in the mornings and afternoons. A typical Monday would entail a Quran tafseer class in English, 2 tajweed classes one in Urdu/Guarati and the other in English and a Quran tafseer class in Urdu – around 50 ladies in total attending on the day.

The feedback has been excellent, many learners are grateful for the opportunity to progress in their learning and to be able to do the same with qualified aalimah in a safe and comfortable setting. These classes also go a long way in aiding the mental wellbeing for many of the students.

We hope to provide the best possible Islamic Education and give students the necessary education to better themselves, and to become sources of guidance for others in the future.


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