Pay Membership Fee

Membership Fee

The Membership Fee for 2022 is £90.00

There are 4 ways to pay your membership fees:

    1. Bank Transfer
    2. Cash
    3. Physical Donation Point (Card)
      This is in the Zakaria Masjid Foyer
    4. Online By Card


OPTION 1 - Bank Transfer

When paying by bank transfer, please include in the 'reference'
Your Member id or Your Name & Postcode.

Please note if an accurate reference is not supplied we may not be able to find your member profile, and this will delay the allocation.
Once allocated, we will send an email confirmation with a reciept if an email is on record.

Bank Details:

Account Name: IMPS Masjid
Sort Code: 202608
Account No: 10777587


OPTION 2 - Cash

Please see the following persons if you would like to pay by Cash:

- Abbas Ebrahim
- Anwar Sarnar


OPTION 3 - Physical Donation Point (Card)

The donation point is located in the Zakaria Masjid Foyer, and a payment can be made anytime.
The Member fee form will ask you for all your member details, however if you can supply the member id in the reference it will make the process of allocation faster, however this is not mandatory.


OPTION 4 - Online by Card

  1. Click the 'Pay Now' below
  2. Enter your membership number supplied to you on your AGM 2020 Invite Letter. If you do not have this, please enter your full name and postcode.
    (If you are paying for multiple persons please change the Qty and enter details of each member in the membership number field, seperated by a comma)
  3. Choose your payment method
    1. Apple Pay - (Only on apple devices, via the safari browser)
    2. Google Pay
    3. Credit/Debit Card
  4. Enter your name, email address & payment details
  5. DONE! - We will contact you with the payment reciept when we process the transaction

*The payment amount is fixed


I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the
current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to
pay any difference. Please select 'Yes' if you would like to claim gift aid on the payment screen.