Phase 2 – Zakaria Masjid Development

Phase 2 - Zakaria Masjid Development

01/04/2021 – 23/05/2021

Alhamdulillah with the help of Almighty Allah, your duas, assistance & donations phase 1 of our development is now complete.

Im sure we all agree the Phase 2 – Masjid development is well overdue & inshAllah with your assistance once again, we will get this off the ground!

Zakaria Masjid has been at the centre of our community for many decades, and we whole heartedly owe it to those elders in our community who were the pioneers of such an institution.

We want to ensure the phase 2 masjid development takes into consideration all the different areas of our community, both male & female, young & old. We need to build on the foundation of our existing institution & develop it in such a way, that inshAllah it lasts us another 50 years.

The world has drastically changed, and is ever evolving & so are the needs of our community. We want to hear from ALL of you.

Please note these are just ideas, (There is no right or wrong answer) we need you to tell us what it is you would like to see provided, you can go into a bit more detail and also please tell us how regularly you would use them; i.e. daily, weekly, you can even put them in order of preference and importance.

Please find below a form you can complete to share your ideas for the Masjid Development.

The deadline for the ‘Consultation Period’ is Sunday 23rd May 2021 – 12pm!

Phase 2 – Masjid Development Ideas Form